At the first human thought The Seeing were there; the shepherds of mankind; the protectors of the planet…”


That, in essence is what “The Seeing” is all about. You would think, therefore that a story that is as old as this would be better told from the beginning. Well…

What of Luke? Is he ready?”

“He needs more time”

Luke Andersson is in his 20’s and currently working as a guitar teacher. A lonely childhood and promising skills in music and I.T were all that really set him apart. Oh – did I mention the healing abilities? This is what led to his fascination with ‘The Cheerleader’ from the series ‘Heroes’. Ironically enough he now finds himself in a similar position to his idol. He is thrust into a position where he has to save the world with nothing but a few dreams and memories to guide him. Thankfully he has help…

What of the distraction?”

”You mean Katy”

Katy Ryan is also in her 20’s and lives in the flat next door to Luke. Her life to date has been a troubled one which has led her to struggle coping with certain situations. The relationship between her and Luke is…complicated and is very much part of the story as we see it develop.

"Penelope Devereaux as she is now. She has her problems, but she has a friend helping her"

“And Rovannon”                                

Penelope Devereaux is a celebrity psychic/medium with a fair degree of success and a large and loyal fan base. Sadly, the success and fame have not brought happiness and our story begins with her in a depressed state and a borderline alcoholic. Holding her back from the abyss is her best friend and manager: Perry Montrose. It was his hand that carved her career even though it was in a direction she never really intended to take. When she meets with Luke, her life takes on new purpose and she begins to finally flourish. Perry is happy and continues to support her but we begin to see a different side to the theatrical character, which hints at an unexpected past…and I’m not talking about the time he starred as the comedy drag act, “Claire Voyante.” With Luke and Penelope now working together they begin to gain traction. However, this also means gaining the attention of some ‘interested’ people.

“What of the third?”

You mean Merrdin.”

Merrdin was once an infamous Druid. Clever and very powerful, Merrdin was pathologically jealous of Luke (Cellan) and eventually found a way to kill him...or so he thought. He soon came to realise that he had failed to put a permanent end to his nemesis and so waited for his return. Over millennia, he survived and flourished, creating a wealthy empire, and now he goes under the name of Callum McIntyre. If he wasn’t already enough to contend with, he also has an enigmatic P.A known only as “The Lady”. She is a very resourceful assistant, seeing as she has the ability shape shift, crush an enemy  to death and then, perhaps if peckish, eat the remains.

However, Callum is also associated with a man known simply as Barnaby; a man who remains in the shadows, watching all that goes on. Who he works for is a mystery; what his purpose is, no one really knows, but it does have something to do with the old asylum, Tresgothick House. Run by the eminent Psychologist, Dr. Emily Legon, it seems every inmate has something to do with Luke and Penelope’s distant past.

The odds are stacked against them. If they fail then all of mankind dies and if they succeed, then some will survive. The trouble is The Seeing have no choice.

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