The Seeing has been written as a TV show.  An original  screenplay as opposed to an adaptation for such an epic saga is rare for TV and is a bold decision. Eaglebeak Enterprises has a vision in creating this potential TV drama and bringing it to life for the public’s enjoyment. Our intention is for the show to initially run for 4 series, containing 14 episodes per series. Of course, there is potential for more if there is a demand.

      Each episode has been crafted to ensure enjoyment for every potential viewer. For the casual watcher, the episodes are standalone (with the odd “two parter”), offering crisp, satisfying snippets of the story. For the keen fan, every episode brings a fluid and dark underlying tale with a great amount of fulfilment as the characters’ stories piece themselves together. Each series has its own dramatic finale, plus a fair amount of “Easter eggs” spread around for them to spot and consider.

#seeing needs more than believing

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