As a whole, the show has globally environmental issues at its heart and, as such, we aim to be as eco-friendly as possible. Our aim is for the entire production to be carbon neutral by its conclusion. We will constantly look at ground-breaking technologies that we can use during the construction of the show; we dream of building an electric hub at our production office. With the use of solar panels, small wind turbines and battery storage, we will produce enough recyclable energy to recharge our batteries for filming, production and editing.


     As we believe it is important to minimalize our use of single use plastics, we will use re-cycled materials or ethically sourced wood for our set builds. In our catering the use of locally sourced, organically grown produce. Whilst we do not wish to dictate our cast and crews dietary habits, we will look to introduce such initiatives as “meat free Mondays”.  We aim to hire electric or self-charging hybrid vehicles, wherever possible; we are even looking into purchasing two electric vehicles to help ease the logistic loads. These vehicles would be charged at the “hub”.  With the studio owner’s permission, we would like to change the lighting to LED’s, if they aren’t already. Finally, in the make-up department all the products we use will be Peta approved and recyclable.

    Should the series become successful, we would look to invest a percentage of the profits in environmentally ethical projects to help neutralise our inevitable carbon footprint. We hope that our stance will become an industry standard and our story will awaken the need for serious change in our viewers’ opinions on climate change and our damaging environmental impact. Small changes may no longer be enough and we need to embrace radical new ideas now for future generations and the good of the planet. We want to be at the vanguard of that change.

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